Keynotes by Connie Dieken

Present to Win: How to Create Influential Presentations that Change Minds and Outcomes.

It’s time to stop delivering ineffective presentations. They are your platform to influence.

A presentation is a concentrated form of influence. Yet 95% of people in organizations who give them squander their opportunities. They doom themselves to failure, in fact, before they’ve even delivered word-one. Why? They’re so busy building bloated slide decks that they lose sight of the reason why they’re presenting in the first place.

Simply put, your job is to influence an audience to take action on a specific outcome. Any message, whether visual, words, or spoken that disrupt this flow is a barrier to own ability to influence your desired outcome and change minds.

Learn how to influence audiences with integrity using reverse-engineering, critical thinking skills, and empathy.

The groundbreaking Present to Win® was developed by Connie Dieken, a leading global CEO advisor, award-winning TV journalist, and Hall of Fame speaker who’s delivered compelling keynotes on five continents to audiences of thousands. She walks the talk and has influenced thousands of executives and audience members to be more effective presenters.

Your audience will learn from an empathetic coach known for quickly leveling up every speaker.

Collaborate with Connie to fine-tune this talk for your organization.

What you’ll get from this keynote.

Your participants will discover insights on how to create influential presentations for win/win results, including how to:

  • Identify ideal outcomes that matter most
  • Pinpoint how audience members will makes decisions
  • Develop a compelling point of view and blend it with visuals that support it
  • Create a framework to organize key messages that are substantial but not overwhelming
  • Simplify to amplify messages without dumbing them down
  • Influence even the most distracted audiences
  • Manage difficult people in Q&A sessions
  • Develop virtual presentation techniques that are as engaging as in-person presentations.

Benefits and program options.

Strengthen your participants’ presence and delivery skills.

In these optional video and coaching sessions, your group will experience how to.

  • Elevate their presence immediately
  • See themselves as others do
  • Manage their energy level and body language, regardless of nerves
  • Tap into deep confidence, even if they’re out of their comfort zone
  • Use different skills to present in groups, solo, or virtually

Program formats.

Get the most from Connie’s keynotes. Present to Win is available in a variety of formats.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Licensed Corporate Training Program
  • One-day Master Class
  • Two-day Master Class
  • Organizational Consulting

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